Trusted Node Service

Armanino’s Trusted Node service is the first and only blockchain data service of its kind. In offering trusted node services, Armanino aims to lower the burden on ecosystem participants of hosting their own full, archival or mirror nodes, as well as increase access to much needed transactional and wallet balance data. Armanino’s Trusted Node service is geared toward enterprise ecosystem participants as well as their financial statement auditors who require relevant and reliable sources of information for balance sheet accounts with material activity on supported blockchains.

Armanino’s Trusted Node services are built and operated under a robust compliance program and subject to audit by an independent third party (System and Organization Controls, “SOC”). Thus, our API service is the first "compliant" data service of its kind.


About Trusted Node Services

Blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) have the power to make data more transparent and more reliable; however, for ecosystem participants and their auditors extracting and interacting with on-chain data presents significant inefficiencies. Even where data can be readily extracted and presented, the reliability of such data needs to be demonstrable to an audit team.
This problem can be solved by utilizing Armanino’s Trusted Node Service API because it allows an auditor to not only query data from a node hosted and maintained by a known and reputable party, but also the ability to obtain industry standard assurance reporting upon which they can place reliance. Specifically, we have implemented a program of controls to meet SOC 2 and other industry standard frameworks.
We started with SOC 2 because this will allow users of the service and auditors to gain comfort over the service, the security and availability of the system as well as data integrity it offers. Please see our compliance page for more information on our program of internal controls.